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Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue
February 22, 2008

Think of the words “Animal Rescue” and what comes to mind? Dogs? Cats? What if I said horses? Yep, you got it, horses.

Most people think of an animal rescue as just for dogs and cats, the occasional birds, etc., but here in CT, there are at least two horse rescues that I know of. There’s H.O.R.S.E. out in the Washington area and there’s Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue in East Granby.

Established in 1996, the main goal of the Ranch is to take in horses that are injured, ill, abused, neglected or just no longer wanted. The founders, Karen and Paul Bacon, have a wonderful staff of volunteers who take these horses — some of which are literally on their last legs — and get them ready for new, permanent homes.

I visited with them recently and found these folks to be extremely dedicated to these animals. Some of the animals were in terrible shape, having just come into the rescue, while others were just beautiful and ready to go! The volunteers assess each horse’s needs on an individual basis and design the horse’s rehabilitation around those needs.

Adoption through the rescue is done through a thorough process to ensure that everyone’s needs are going to be met (especially the horse’s)! All adopters must meet and work with their potential adoptee and pass certain criteria before the adoption can be finalized.

Not able to adopt a horse? Interested in sponsoring one or just making a monetary donation? The folks at Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue would LOVE that! They are a nonprofit organization, so any donations are tax deductible!

How about volunteering? I KNOW I can’t have a horse (the expense of owning one is far more than I can commit to), but I LOVE horses and would jump at a chance to help! Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue is always looking for folks to come out and help, and it’s not just to muck stalls! They need electricians to help with electrical repairs, carpenters to help mend fences, folks to groom, walk or even just pet the horses there. The more people interaction these animals have, the better they become.

They also have a wish list for things like veterinary supplies, pitchforks, wheelbarrels, hay (a BIG wish!), shavings, fly spray, dewormers, joint and hoof supplies, gift certificates to local feed stores … you get the idea.

Whether it’s through Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue or another horse rescue, it’s wonderful to watch these graceful animals be brought from where it appeared there was no hope to where they again have light in their eyes and spirit in their gait. And, it’s an absolute thrill to be able to help these volunteers help these animals.

As an animal rescuer, I know very well the satisfaction of watching an animal gain strength, courage and confidence through working with them and showing them, perhaps, the first kind touch they’ve ever received. I know I share that feeling with the folks at Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue and now that you know they’re there, YOU can have that “Whoo Hooo,” too!

For more information on Second Chance, please call Michelle at 413-525-4666. You can also go to the Web site: