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To Train or Not To Train That is the Question
August 10, 2011

Well, it SHOULDN’T be the question!!!!  There should be NO question about it!  TRAIN!!!


I’ve been doing this stuff for almost 30 years – between being a vet nurse and an animal control officer – and I’ve seen the results of untrained dogs time and time again.  I’d say a good 95% or more of dogs in pounds are there for correctable behavioral issues.  And sadly, most end up euthanized.


Un-trained dogs end up as nightmares.  Un-trained dogs end up as biting, running, barking, behavior nightmares.  Dogs, just as kids, need boundaries set immediately.  Even the abused and neglected dogs are BEGGING to be given boundaries.  They’re guidelines for them.  They give them comfort, actually.  Knowing what is ok and what isn’t is exactly what dogs need.  They look up to us, as owners (or leaders) to tell them what makes us happy.  They only want to please us.


So what KIND of training works?  It depends on the dog.  Some do well with gentle reminders and some need to be sat on more firmly.  I have one that only needs “a look” to know he’s messed up.  I have another one that needs outright correction to understand (NEVER hit your dog!)…  Dogs learn at different rates but ALL can be taught, no matter the age or background.


So long and short of it – GET THAT DOG TRAINED!  It will be the BEST thing you’ve EVER done for BOTH of you!