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Summer Reminder To Keep Pets Safe
May 30, 2011

Ok, it’s official – it’s summer.  So here are some reminders to keep your pets safe…


  1. NEVER leave a pet in a car.  EVER.  I don’t care if the windows are cracked. It’s still TOO warm.  Try it yourself and see how long you can last with a fur coat on.   This is especially true on pavement, which heats up aLOT.


  1. Be careful of grills!  Food up there is tempting even after it’s been cooked and removed.  Dogs tend to be very curious and can try to get up there to see what smells so good, resulting in burns.


  1. Bugs BUG…!  Those little black gnats bite ears and bellies and anywhere the fur is short and light, so don’t leave the dogs out.  The bugs are as annoying to them as they are to you!  Remember, too, that mosquito season is going to be huge this year due to a rainy spring….and mosquitoes carry heartworm….


  1. Didja note that it’s HOT out?  So did your pets!  And the older (or younger) they are, the less they’re able to tolerate the heat, so keep them in, in the air conditioning!  Ever see how they’ll just lie there with a smile on their faces when they’re in a cool, air conditioned room?  Didja get the hint???


  1. WATER ME!!  Pets get dehydrated just like we do.  ALWAYS keep water clean, cool and handy for them.


  1. Wanna go for a walk?  Not during the heat of the day, thank you very much!  Remember that pavement gets HOT very quickly and stays hot even late in the day and the pads of your pooch can (and DO) get burned!  Rule of thumb – If it’s too hot for YOUR piggies on the pavement, it’s too hot for THEIR piggies….