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April Is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month
April 11, 2011

You see it all the time, but may not recognize it.  Animal cruelty.  It can be as simple as neglecting to properly care for a pet or it can be as obvious as beating a pet.


April is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month and the SPCA is hoping to educate so that animal cruelty can be a thing of the past.


Now, that having been said, it’s easier to help than you might think.  If you see what you think might be an act of cruelty, call your animal control officer immediately!  You do not have to leave your name but it always helps, in case there are questions that need to be asked.


The State of CT says that animal cruelty boils down to a few things:


  1. Not providing proper medical attention when needed – This not only applies to obvious injury but also to chronic issues as well.  The owner may not realize that failing to treat the problem can be an act of cruelty if it causes the pet pain.


  1. Not providing the pet clean air, water, shelter and food.  Having a pet means taking responsibility for that animal.  If you would not drink the water you have down for your pet, it’s time to clean it up.  Same goes for housing, etc.  If it causes your pet to be exposed to the elements or if it is living in disgusting conditions (horses in their own waste, etc) it can be considered cruelty.  Keeping an animal in a locked car in the heat is also considered cruelty.


  1. Deliberately causing pain or injury to an animal.  Now this is an obvious one.


There are other forms of cruelty, too, that may not be so obvious.  Physical abuse is an obvious form but so is psychological abuse.  Kids tormenting an animal without even touching it can be considered abuse as well.


If you see something or hear of a situation that makes you cringe, CALL YOUR ANIMAL CONTROL!


On another note, Bandit’s Place has taken in a puppy that we understand was kicked by a former owner.  The surgery to repair this dog’s badly broken leg will be approximately $2,000.00.  Bandit’s Place has opened what’s called a “chip in” so that monetary donations can be made and put towards the medical costs for this puppy.  If you’d like to help, please visit the Bandit’s Place Facebook page!  Donations can also be made by sending a check or money order to our office.  Feel free to call 860-653-0558.