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Liz Explains Pet Adoption Process
February 18, 2011

Dear Liz: We went to Petco last weekend in the hopes of adopting a puppy from you that day. We were very disappointed to find out from you that we would not be able to take one home from the event and wondered why.


Signed: Sad in Somers


Dear Sad: It was my fault! I’m sorry I forgot to mention on air that no one would be able to take one home that day. Let me explain why.Bandit’s Place, like most animal rescues, has an adoption process that has to be gone through before anyone can take home a new friend. The first part in that process is an application that must be completed, returned and then processed. I can’t tell you what we look for because it changes with each pet we have. We have to do reference checks, possibly home checks, etc., and those can not be done at an adoption event.So while I was very happy to see the large attendance, I was also rather embarrassed that I had neglected to give that information on air last weekend.It was very nice meeting everyone and we do still have puppies left, so please feel free to contact us regarding adopting one of them!