Moving With Pets

Dear Liz – We’re moving next month but I’m not sure how to do this without stressing my pets out.  Got any suggestions?

Signed, Excited in Essex.

Dear Excited – Congratulations on the move!  My first thought is that depending on the age of the animals you have, you might want to do a few different things…

If your pets are younger and easily adapt to different situations, a move might not be an issue.  Just pack them up when the time is ready and get them to the new place.  You may, though, want to confine them to a single room while you’re getting everything into the new house so they don’t accidentally get out and run off in all the excitement.  Keep their things with them so they have something familiar to see and smell, to reduce any anxiety they may have.  Make SURE you have identification on them for the “just in case”.  This way, if they do run off, you have a way to get them back.

If your pets are older, it’s going to stress them out completely to move.  Try putting them into boarding or have them at a friend’s house while you actually move.  Keeping some of their things with them will help as well.  Toys, bedding, etc., can be comforting.

Set up a place for them at the new house.  Make sure everything is familiar to them and make sure the house is settled and quiet before you bring them home.  This MAY mean keeping them in boarding or at your friend’s home for up to a week, but it will be well worth it in the long run.  Bring them home only after the hustle and bustle is settled.

Once they’re in the new place, lavish them with attention as they may still be anxious.  If all your efforts don’t’ work and, say, your pet does not eat or return to a normal routine, contact your vet as some anti anxiety medication might be in order while your pet adjusts.

Have a wonderful time in your new place!


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