Hot Dogs!

There is nothing better, or worse, than a hot dog!  A good dog, grilled just right, covered in mustard and sour kraut is the best.  A dog that’s over heated is, you guessed it, the worst!

So, while I’m sure you all know what to do with the first kind, I’ve set up a few reminders on the second…

  1. NO dog likes the heat.  NO dog…. So the best place for them is obviously in a cool place, like an air-conditioned room or a shady spot under a tree.  Remember, though, that the sun moves so keep an eye on your pooch so that he’s not in the shade in the morning and the sun by mid day. ALWAYS make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water available.
  1. Cars are not a place to keep ANY animal!  A car parked on hot pavement heats up VERY quickly and pets left inside can be overcome and die before you know it.
  1. Speaking of becoming over heated…. IF your pet becomes over heated, move it to a cool place immediately.  Put cold bottles (soda, etc) between the dog’s front and back legs (if the dog is lying down) or pour water over the dog to cool it down.  Immediately contact your veterinarian and keep cooling the dog down on the way if he does not respond appropriately.  Dogs can die of heat stroke.
  1. Remember, too, that walking your dog on hot pavement can actually burn the pads of their feet. If it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot on the pavement, it’s too hot for your dog as well.  And try to walk him first thing in the morning or after dinner, when the pavement isn’t as hot.
  1. If your dog is of the long hair variety and you’ve chosen to shave him, make sure to keep him out of the sun!  Dogs can get sunburn and dogs with shaved fur have less protection against the sun’s rays.

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