Fido And Fireworks

Dear Liz; I know the 4th of July is coming up and my brother-in-law always brings his dog to our picnic and then to the fireworks, much to the dog’s terror.  How do I tell him NOT to?

Signed, Tortured in Terryville.


Dear Tortured:  I’m thrilled that you’re concerned!  And you have every right to be!  Remembering that dogs have hearing that is about 700 times as sensitive as ours, you can see why subjecting the pooch to the noises of fireworks is SUCH a bad idea!

Dogs (or any pets) and fireworks do NOT mix.  Sparklers held at eye level to dogs can injure them (not to mention the kids!).  Cherry bombs or other fireworks can, when set off, damage sensitive hearing.

Pets will often flee (or attempt to) from noises this loud and can be struck by cars or become disoriented and lost.  A panicked dog, still attached to a leash or chain, can also become a biting dog as it struggles to get away from the noise.

Cats, as well as other pets, do not like the noises either, or the smell of the discharged firework.

As well as the firework end of things, cook-outs can be dangerous as well.  Dogs (and kids) like to see what’s cooking on the grill and may jump up, landing tender feet (or fingers) in contact with the grill surface.  Obviously if this happens, have ice and the nearest hospital (vet or regular) number on hand.

People food is also a stomach-upsetting experience for the family pet so make sure to keep all food out of reach.

Pets should be kept in a safe, dark area if they fear the noise.  If your pet runs into the closet or down into the basement, let them stay there.  They feel safe and secure there.

If you usually crate your dog, cover the crate with a dark blanket to make them feel more secure.
So the long and short of it is this:  Tell your brother-in-law that his dog is welcome to stay at your home (have him bring a crate!) while the fireworks are on display but that he is not to bring the dog TO the fireworks.

Good luck and thank you from Fido’s everywhere!!!!


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