Vectra D

Dear Liz; I’ve heard about a new flea and tick treatment that also helps with mosquitoes.  Can you tell me about it?


Wondering in Woodstock

Dear Wondering; The new treatment on the market is called “Vectra 3D”…  It’s a topically applied liquid for dogs that targets fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

It’s applied monthly, like other topical treatments.  It’s reported to kill fleas within 2 hours of application, repels four species of ticks and repels and kills three species of mosquitoes.

Check with your vet on availability and remember it’s for dogs only.

Also, as a reminder, low cost Rabies clinics are being held all over the state this month!  Check with your animal control officer to find out when one is being held in your area.

Lastly, June is the month to renew your dog licenses!  A dog license is not the same thing as a Rabies vaccination.  You must go to your town clerk’s office, with a valid Rabies certificate in hand, and get your dog licensed.  Dogs over 6 months of age are required to be licensed.  If it’s the first time, make sure you bring your spay or neuter certificate as well.


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