Natural Fly Repellent

Dear Liz – I’ve been noticing that those tiny, black flies are out already and are biting my dog’s ears.  Is there anything natural I can use to help ward them off?

Signed, Bugged in Bolton.

Dear Bugged – I have the same problem where I live – both for me and for my dogs!  Those little, black, yucky, nasty flies are out and about again.  Does it seem like they come out earlier and earlier every year???

ANYWAY…. I did my research and found that there are a LOT of “natural” remedies and repellents for those nasty things.

Peppermint extract from the baking isle – Apparently you’re supposed to put a drop here and there but I’d be careful – Try only one drop and wait to see if there are any reactions.  Do NOT put this on freshly bathed skin as it might burn.  Check the reaction (put a drop in an area that you can see a reaction.) and make sure all’s ok before putting more on.

Vaseline or Neosporin in the ears.  Use this on the exposed areas of the ears – It pretty much makes those black things stick and unable to bite!

Horse sprays are often ok for dogs, too – just make sure the label says it’s ok.  “Swat” is supposed to be ok.
“Flies Off” is another product – check the label for reactions or precautions.

“Ultrashield” fly repellent – Ditto.  Spray on a gloved hand and then apply.

Fresh aloe (break a piece off the plant, and mush it) – put directly on ears.

Skin So Soft is great for people – I’ve read that applied to the bath water helps repel flies on dogs, but doesn’t it make the fur greasy??? Yuk.

In any case, make SURE you use a SMALL amount of the product and wait a few hours to determine if your pet has an allergic reaction.   We used too much bug spray once on one of our dogs and the dog became very shaky and nervous.  We quickly got the dog into a bath and, after washing that stuff off (Actually it was “Off”), she was ok but it was a terribly frightening thing to see!

There are MANY “natural” remedies for repelling flies and mosquitoes and these can all be found on your computer (ain’t technology grand?)…


2 Responses

  1. I bought one of those tennis racket style bug zappers and it works great! There is a positive feedback response every time you zap one of those buggers and a sense of comfort knowing they won’t be coming back.

  2. For myself, I have found that Vicks menthol rub on my forehead and neck keeps those nasty critters away.

    Can I use the stuff on my Beagles ears???

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