Easter Stuff!

Ok – here we go again with our annual Easter reminders!

  1. No chocolate, coffee, tea, caffeine, etc.  Remember, it can (in large doses) be lethal.  It’s the caffeine, not the chocolate, that does the damage.
  1. No Easter grass.  This, once consumed, can cause intestinal blockages and again, can be fatal.
  1. No Easter lilies or other plants!  Again, these can be fatal if ingested.  Don’t know which are bad?  Keep pets away from any of them!
  1. No foil wrappers!  What ever your Easter candy is wrapped in, make sure to keep it away from your pets. Aluminum foil can cause intestinal blockages.
  1. No sugar free stuff, either!  Some of the sugar free foods (like gum) have an ingredient that is VERY deadly to pets, so make SURE to keep these away from them!  It’s even more important than the chocolate rule!!!
  1. If you do the Easter egg hunt, make SURE to keep track of those little plastic eggs you’ve filled with goodies.  You DON’T want your pets to get into them!  The plastic can cut up your dog’s mouth and what ever is IN those eggs can be bad as well.  Make SURE ALL candy is out of reach of your pet at ALL times!
  1. If you decide to take your dog for a walk, make sure to watch out for glass on the roadways.  If the street sweepers haven’t been around yet, there may be glass on the roadway from over the winter.
  1. And if the roadway is too hot for you to walk barefoot on, it’s too hot for your dog to walk on, too.  Your dog’s pads haven’t toughened up yet from being inside all winter!
  1. No people food!  It’s really tempting, I know, to give your pets a “treat” of people food but it’s not good for them.  The spices in people food aren’t there in dog or cat food and it can cause diarrhea and vomiting – neither of which I’m sure you’d like to deal with on a holiday!

10.  Have fun with your pet!!!  Give them a hug and keep them safe.


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