Dog Park Etiquette

Well, now that we’ve completely enjoyed the weather this past week, it’s time to remind everyone of a few rules of etiquette for our dog parks…..

  1. Keep puppies out!  It can be a very exciting thing to have your puppy socialize with other dogs or it can backfire and scare the boogers out of the little one.  So make sure your pup is ready for the onslaught of dogs.  AND make SURE your puppy is FULLY vaccinated.  There are lots of ugly things an unvaccinated pup can catch while socializing.
  1. Make sure your dog is up to date on its Rabies vaccination!  State law mandates that every dog over a certain age must be vaccinated against Rabies.  Not sure when your dog is due?  Here’s a hint – On the back of your dog’s tag, either scratch in or write (with permanent marker) the month the dog was vaccinated and the duration of the vaccination (either 1 year or 3). So the back of your tag will have 5 / 3 on it – May was the date of vaccination and it’s a 3 year vaccination.  It’s good for reference, especially if your dog tangles with anther one at the park (or a person!)…
  1. Keep your dog on a leash until it’s settled down.  Once in the park, your dog may become very excited over seeing other dogs.  Keep your dog on the leash until he calms down.  No one wants an unruly dog bouncing all over their dog, so make sure Fido is calm before releasing him off leash.
  1. Keep the bullies out!  If you know your dog is a bully, schedule a time when there are very few dogs (or none) at the park.  Again, no one wants their dog bullied so it’s a courtesy to refrain from letting him go.
  1. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF (well, after your dog, that is!)… NO ONE wants to deal with your dog’s poop.  Nuff said? Hope so!

SO….  Just a few reminders about how to behave in the dog park.  Remember this – many people fought very hard to get the dog park in the first place.  It doesn’t take much to shut it down.  So enjoy it but don’t abuse it.


One Response

  1. Good advice except for the second item. While there may be times when you will need to put your dog on a leash while in the dog park, it is NOT a good idea to enter the park area with them on a leash.
    Dogs behave differently when on a leash and can feel very threatened when they are surrounded by unleashed dogs. Having your dog leashed when entering will increase the probability that there will be an altercation. Let the dogs meet, all unleashed within the park. If you see that your dog is acting aggressively towards other dogs (other than just playing), then you should leash him and separate him from the others.

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