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Skunk Stuff
February 27, 2010

Dear Liz – In preparation for this spring and “skunk season” I tried to find that recipe you had but can’t.  Can you re-publish it?  I don’t want to be looking for it when it’s REALLY needed!


Smelly in Southington

Dear Smelly – Can you believe it?  The skunks are ALREADY out there!  Might just be me but it seems way too early for this to be happening.

But in any case, here’s the recipe – compliments of Drs. Foster & Smith magazine…

1 quart, 3% hydrogen peroxide

¼ cup baking soda

1 teaspoon liquid soap (I love Dawn!)

Double for bigger breeds

Wet your pet down and work the mixture through the pet’s hair.  Leave on for three to four minutes and rinse.

Be SURE to throw away any unused mixture.

Now, how to avoid issues in the first place?  Before you let your dog out (cats seem to be SO much smarter when it comes to skunks!!), make loud noises before you let Fido out (clap, yell).  Skunks, I am told, actually LIKE the sound of human voices but I’m sure a loud noise will at least get them moving.

And if you’ve found that a skunk has taken up residence under your porch, try loud rock music!  Using something like moth balls can be dangerous as they’re poisonous and pets can find them and eat them as well.

If you block off the underneath of your porch but are not sure the skunk has left (they do leave a smell in the area), try leaving one, small area, open.  Put flour or some sort of powder in front of that area.  When you see the footprints coming OUT from underneath, you’ll know the skunk has left and you can block the rest of that area off.

Now, if you have or know of another recipe that works (or if you’ve tried this one and like it) for

de-skunking your pet, let me know!  I’m always on the lookout for good info that can help others.


Flea Meds
February 19, 2010

Dear Liz – I know flea and tick prevention, as well as heartworm prevention, is important but is it important ALL year round?


Curious in Coventry

Dear Curious – Yepper to both!  Let’s look at each one, though…

Flea and tick prevention is important for all year use because fleas are year round pests!  Even if it’s too cold to pick up fleas outside, your dog or cat may have deposited eggs from fleas they had last fall.  One flea can lay up to 100 eggs per day, so you can never be 100% sure all the fleas in your home area gone.  Keeping your pets on year round flea and tick preventative assures you will break that flea cycle.  Remember, too, that ticks can hide in logs brought in for firewood.  Once inside and warming up, those ticks can come out of the wood and find your pets.

Now, heartworm prevention is pretty much the same.  Even though your dog or cat is not exposed to mosquitoes (the carriers of heartworm) the medication helps to kill anything that might be developing in their systems.

Heartworm filaria take six months to develop in your pet’s blood stream.  Keeping your pet on monthly heartworm preventative will make sure nothing is able to develop.  The medication works backwards, so what ever your pet was exposed to last month will be eliminated with this month’s medication.  Some heartworm meds also have de-wormers in them, also helping to keep your pet parasite free.

So there you have it!