Thank You!

Within the last few months, Bandit’s Place has had medical bills for two dogs that were at least 800.00 each.  With an organization as small as we are, those were really, REALLY big bills.

When Chelsey came in and we found out that SHE needed surgery to the tune of 1500.00, well, I have to say, that was about as much as we could take!  Our hearts sank, thinking that we might not be able to help her.  Option #1 was to put her down.  Option #2 was to put her on Lost & Pound and hope for the best.  So last week we did just that. (Actually, Option #1 was really never considered… Have you MET her??)…

Well, let me tell you!  The outpouring of generosity of Channel 3 viewers has just absolutely overwhelmed us.  We raised, in pledges and checks, enough to cover Chelsey’s surgery!  We might have some left over, too, to cover her pre-surgical and post-surgical needs as well!

How cool are YOU all!  I can not thank you enough for your generosity and well wishes toward Chelsey and her plight.  She is a wonderful, sweet dog who has had a very, very tough time of it in her short life.  But now, thanks to all of you, she will be (paws crossed) able to be a “normal” dog for once!  We’ve even gotten offers to adopt her and I’m sure when all is said and done, Chelsey will be living the life of Riley!

So thank you, thank you!  From the bottom of our hearts and paws, I thank you!


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