Pets For Christmas

Dear Liz, My kids have been bugging me to get them a pet for Christmas.  I know you’re against it, but what should I do?


Tired Mom in Monroe…

Dear Mom, yep – I am completely against getting a pet for anyone for Christmas!  These pets, so often purchased as last minute gifts, often end up in shelters when the newness wears off and the reality of caring for them sets in.

I will tell you what I tell anyone who calls me looking for a pet as a gift.  DO NOT DO IT!

Instead, wrap up a bowl, a leash, a collar or a toy representing the animal you want to give.  Write a note or some sort of certificate that states that you and the recipient will, AFTER Christmas, go together and pick out a new friend.  This will be a wonderful day for both of you and one you’ll never forget.

Remember, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas!!!


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