Holiday Ideas!

Well, it’s Ho-Ho-Holiday time again!  Wondering where all that Christmas Spirit went as you get pushed, pulled and prodded through the lines at the cash register?  I have no idea where it went and it’s sure disappointing.  Christmas time is supposed to be a time of giving from the heart – not a time of beating up your co-shopper to get that last present!

So I have an idea.  Well, it’s not a new one – I’ve been plugging it every year!  Instead of giving someone something they don’t need or don’t really want (and getting that “Oh, how nice!” response when they open your package), why not give them the Spirit of Christmas?

It’s easy!  And it’s actually rewarding (in more than one way!)…  Each year I pick a few charities that I like (making sure they’re registered, non-profits) and give donations on behalf of someone.

For my critter-loving friends, I give to a breed rescue associated with a favorite dog or cat they have, or had.  I have friends who had a Mini Schnauzer they loved very dearly.  So I thought why not give a donation to a national Schnauzer rescue?  Or why not give to, say, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine on behalf of their beloved buddy, who died of cancer?

For those, like me, who always wanted a horse but could never afford one or have the space for one, I picked Second Chance Ranch, Equine Rescue!  Any organization that helps save horses (or other equines) from certain death is ok by me!

Love a mutt?  What about an animal rescue dedicated to any breed (like Bandit’s Place!)? As long as they’re registered, non-profit (501c3 is the technical term and they should be able to give you their number if you ask for it), it’s a good thing!  Not sure about a certain rescue?  Call the animal control officer in the town the rescue is located in and make sure there are no issues with them.

Love birds?  Audubon Society or any local bird rescue (check them out carefully, too!) would be glad to have your donation!

Now, once you’ve decided on a rescue (Save the Whales?), send the donation.  It does not matter how much – they don’t let the giver know how much you’ve donated.  You should get back a note and one to give to your recipient.  Wrap it up in a pretty box and proudly hand it over to your person.

And know, too, that you receive as well from this gift!  You have given a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit charity!  Hey, we can ALL use a tax break.  Why not take advantage of it?

Got questions locating a charity you want to give to?  Look it up on line!  So go forth with confidence.  Smile at all those people standing in line with grumpy faces, clutching their latest “he’d BETTER like this &()*&@#$” gift.  YOU have given The Christmas Spirit!  Maybe next year, your recipient will be inspired to give The Christmas Spirit as well and we can FINALLY get rid of all the grumpies in line!!!


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