Old Dogs

Dear Liz;  We’ve been thinking of getting  a puppy as our current dog is getting on in years but we’ve been told this might not be a great idea.  What are your thoughts?


Puppy Love in Plymouth

Dear Puppy Love;

I get this question a lot, actually, and my opinion is the same every time.  Give your current, old dog, the respect and care he deserves for the time he has left.

Too many times people want to bring a new, bouncy puppy into their home so that their old dog can “teach it” manners, etc. and it usually ends up a disaster for everyone, especially the old pooch.

Think about putting a 3 year old child (a WILD child, at that!) with your great grandmother to care for and “teach”.  How quickly do you think Great Gram is gonna boot that baby out the door?  You’re asking an old dog to do things that are just beyond him.

Puppies are rambunctious, nippy and all around high energy creatures.  Old dogs don’t need that constant pestering that puppies bring with them.

The puppy’s constant playfulness can really, really stress out your old dog and can actually lead to the puppy getting hurt.  Old dogs only have so much patience and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

So wait until your dog has passed on, with you by his side letting him know how much you’ve loved him, before you consider bringing a tornado into your home.  Old dogs deserve the same respect and peaceful existence that old people deserve.  We forget that, sometimes.





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