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Holiday Ideas!
November 28, 2009

Well, it’s Ho-Ho-Holiday time again!  Wondering where all that Christmas Spirit went as you get pushed, pulled and prodded through the lines at the cash register?  I have no idea where it went and it’s sure disappointing.  Christmas time is supposed to be a time of giving from the heart – not a time of beating up your co-shopper to get that last present!

So I have an idea.  Well, it’s not a new one – I’ve been plugging it every year!  Instead of giving someone something they don’t need or don’t really want (and getting that “Oh, how nice!” response when they open your package), why not give them the Spirit of Christmas?

It’s easy!  And it’s actually rewarding (in more than one way!)…  Each year I pick a few charities that I like (making sure they’re registered, non-profits) and give donations on behalf of someone.

For my critter-loving friends, I give to a breed rescue associated with a favorite dog or cat they have, or had.  I have friends who had a Mini Schnauzer they loved very dearly.  So I thought why not give a donation to a national Schnauzer rescue?  Or why not give to, say, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine on behalf of their beloved buddy, who died of cancer?

For those, like me, who always wanted a horse but could never afford one or have the space for one, I picked Second Chance Ranch, Equine Rescue!  Any organization that helps save horses (or other equines) from certain death is ok by me!

Love a mutt?  What about an animal rescue dedicated to any breed (like Bandit’s Place!)? As long as they’re registered, non-profit (501c3 is the technical term and they should be able to give you their number if you ask for it), it’s a good thing!  Not sure about a certain rescue?  Call the animal control officer in the town the rescue is located in and make sure there are no issues with them.

Love birds?  Audubon Society or any local bird rescue (check them out carefully, too!) would be glad to have your donation!

Now, once you’ve decided on a rescue (Save the Whales?), send the donation.  It does not matter how much – they don’t let the giver know how much you’ve donated.  You should get back a note and one to give to your recipient.  Wrap it up in a pretty box and proudly hand it over to your person.

And know, too, that you receive as well from this gift!  You have given a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit charity!  Hey, we can ALL use a tax break.  Why not take advantage of it?

Got questions locating a charity you want to give to?  Look it up on line!  So go forth with confidence.  Smile at all those people standing in line with grumpy faces, clutching their latest “he’d BETTER like this &()*&@#$” gift.  YOU have given The Christmas Spirit!  Maybe next year, your recipient will be inspired to give The Christmas Spirit as well and we can FINALLY get rid of all the grumpies in line!!!


Happy Turkey Day!
November 20, 2009

Well, it’s here again. That day that we all stuff ourselves with turkey, jello, stuffing, potatoes, bread, pudding, pies and other assorted items.  But what about the critters?  Don’t THEY deserve some giblets and dessert?  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I know, I know – the urge is there.  Slip Fido a bit of turkey under the table.  Kitty needs those giblets for her coat!  Well, all I can say is…..NOOOO!!!  Well, MAYBE….

Fact is, dogs and cats eat meat.  But with all that we put onto or into our meats, their delicate tummies just can’t handle it.  So if you ARE thinking of giving Fido or Kitty some turkey, PLEASE make sure it is NOT seasoned.  And PLEASE don’t give them ANY BONES!  Turkey bones are hollow and they will splinter and puncture allll the way down.  And don’t feed them a huge amount or it will overload their systems and, well, you’ll hear about it later…

Now, as for the jello, pudding, potatoes, etc., that are still being drooled over?  FORGET IT!  Too many spices in those for the critters.  They will lead to diarrhea and possible vomiting, neither of which (I’m quite sure) you want to deal with on a full stomach (or any stomach for that matter!)…

And remember, too, that left-overs cooling on the counter or table can easily be accessed by Fido or Kitty, so make SURE they’re SECURE before you go back to the table for a nice cup of coffee….  A friend’s Irish Setter once made off with an entire turkey while no one was watching…. Veterinary Emergency clinics will be open, but they ARE expensive!!  So think before you leave that un-guarded food around!!!


So after the eating is done (or even before it’s begun!), some folks have the urge to go for a walk!  WONDERFUL idea!  Some even go for a HIKE in the woods!  AWESOME idea!  Remember, though, that it is hunting season and your little poochie can look an awful lot like a deer bounding through those woods.  Not in a hunting area?  Maybe not but there are hunters out there who aren’t in a hunting area, either (for what ever reason)…  So best bet?  Have Fido (AND you) wear ORANGE.  The universal “DON’T SHOOT ME” color..  And if you hear shots fired, you’re probably close enough to get hit by stray gunfire, so it’s recommended that you get out of the area.

With all that in mind, Bandit’s Place wishes you and yours a happy and healthy holiday!


Old Dogs
November 14, 2009

Dear Liz;  We’ve been thinking of getting  a puppy as our current dog is getting on in years but we’ve been told this might not be a great idea.  What are your thoughts?


Puppy Love in Plymouth

Dear Puppy Love;

I get this question a lot, actually, and my opinion is the same every time.  Give your current, old dog, the respect and care he deserves for the time he has left.

Too many times people want to bring a new, bouncy puppy into their home so that their old dog can “teach it” manners, etc. and it usually ends up a disaster for everyone, especially the old pooch.

Think about putting a 3 year old child (a WILD child, at that!) with your great grandmother to care for and “teach”.  How quickly do you think Great Gram is gonna boot that baby out the door?  You’re asking an old dog to do things that are just beyond him.

Puppies are rambunctious, nippy and all around high energy creatures.  Old dogs don’t need that constant pestering that puppies bring with them.

The puppy’s constant playfulness can really, really stress out your old dog and can actually lead to the puppy getting hurt.  Old dogs only have so much patience and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

So wait until your dog has passed on, with you by his side letting him know how much you’ve loved him, before you consider bringing a tornado into your home.  Old dogs deserve the same respect and peaceful existence that old people deserve.  We forget that, sometimes.