Halloween Hazards

Dear Liz,

Every Halloween I hear the warning about giving chocolate to dogs. Is the warning a myth or fact? Can a little chocolate be ok for fido?

Signed, Coco

Dear Coco (or should I call you Punkin!): NO, NO, NO!!! Chocolate (or any caffeinated item) can be VERY dangerous to your dog OR cat! Anything with caffeine in it (tea, coffee, chocolate, etc) can even be deadly.

So, too, can be sugar-free gum or other sugar-free items. We have a dog at home now who got into the sugar-free gum my 8 year old daughter hid in her room. (Don’t ALL kids hide stuff in their rooms?) Anyway, Piggie got into the gum and we had to induce vomiting to get the gum OUT of her. Long, LONG night we had there!

So with Halloween just around the corner, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure your children give you ALL the candy and keep it up in a high place, inaccessible to your pets. Candy is for KIDS, not for PETS!

This reminds me, too, that while trick-or-treating is a lot of fun for kids, it’s not so much fun for your pets. Strange costumes, strange people, weird noises, doors constantly opening and closing, doorbells ringing, pumpkins lit with candles, etc., can all be extremely stress-inducing for the pets (not to mention a fire hazard!). Please, please, please keep pets inside, in separate rooms where they can be calm and away from potential hazards.

We all want to enjoy the festive atmosphere of Halloween. Let’s make it a safe one for everyone!! Keep your pets OUT of the spirit!


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