Cat Box Blues

Dear Liz:  We decided to ad another cat to our family of 3 already.  However, since we’ve had him, someone has been peeing outside the litter box.  What should we do?


Grossed Out in Goshen

Dear Grossed Out:

You’ve heard the expression “Too many cooks spoil the soup”?  Well, too many cats spoil the house!

Actually, what’s happening is that there is an upset in the feline balance and someone is complaining in a way to get noticed.

If you can pinpoint which cat is doing it, make sure there are no medical reasons why kitty is doing this.  If medical reasons are ruled out, it’s probably a behavioral thing.

First, put litter boxes on every floor of the house, including the basement.  The cats are trying to tell you that there are too many cats for the boxes you have.  The rule of thumb is to have one more litter box than you do cats.  For multiple cat households, though, this can be an issue!  Here a box, there a box, everywhere a box, box!

Then make sure the litter is the unscented kind and scoop it daily.  Cats can get very territorial and each one requires it’s own “personal space” in order to be happy.  Keeping the box clean helps the cats not get territorial over using it (or NOT using it!).

If things don’t improve or the situation starts getting violent, it may be time to take the new kitty back.

As with every situation that may result in someone being evicted, talk with your veterinarian to see if they have other solutions not mentioned here.


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