Disaster Planning

Dear Liz,

The swirling graphics of hurricanes are on your weather maps more and more.   In case the big one hits CT, any advice for emergency pet planning?



Dear Toto;  Yep, the hurricane season is upon us and it looks like Bill is making a b-line for us as well!  As with any potential disaster, being prepared is the best defense.  I’ve always recommended putting a disaster kit together – not only for yourself, but for your pets as well.

First, get a waterproof, Tupperwear type of container and with permanent marker, put “PET BOX” on it (or something like that).  Make sure it includes a jug of water, some dry food (or wet food but keep a can opener in there, too), bowls, cat litter and a cat pan (for cats), any medications your pet is on, a picture of your pet with it’s name, your name and your cell phone number on the back, a leash or pet carrier (mark the pet carrier with your name, address and cell phone number on it), veterinary records showing current vaccinations and anything else you think your pet might need. Use your cell phone number as you won’t have your home phone with you if you have to evacuate!  Make sure your pet has a collar on with a current Rabies tag attached to it.  Also, take permanent marker and write your cell number, including area code, on the actual collar. That way, if you do get separated, you can be assured someone will have your number to call.

Planning ahead for disasters is so vital to making sure you and your pets are safe.  Make sure you have a place to go that will accept pets.  Many shelters don’t.  And let someone know where you’re going.  Hotels that accept pets can be found on line – and make sure you pick a few in different directions.  That way, if a storm hits where you were planning on going, you have a “Plan B” in place.

Any way you cut it, being prepared for possible issues is the best way to keep everyone safe.


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