DNA Testing

Dear Liz;

I just adopted a mixed breed puppy from a litter of puppies.  My question is this – How do I know what breeds my puppy is?  None of the puppies in the litter looked alike!


Wondering in Woodstock

Dear Wondering;

Not to get into a biology lesson here but there can be multiple fathers in the same litter of puppies, which may account for the fact that they all look different.  Each will still have Mom’s breed (or mix of breeds) but each pup may have a different father.  If you really want to know what breeds are in your pup, though, there is a way to find out.

Your veterinarian probably has pamphlets from different organizations that can test the D.N.A. of your dog to see what breeds are in there.  Not sure how accurate it is, but I’m guessing it’s pretty good.  The cost is generally around 125.00 for the actual testing but not sure what the cost is to get the D.N.A.

So, say you get the test done but you notice that a breed you’re not so fond of is in your mix.  Well, maybe you got the eye color or the webbed feet or the curl in the tail instead of the personality traits that make you nervous.  Remember this – your puppy is a mixture of a lot of different dogs.  You picked your puppy because you fell in love with his or her personality – not his or her breed.  Enjoy your new best friend, what ever he is!


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