Traveling With Fido

Dear Liz,

Any suggestions about researching furry friendly destinations?


    No Dogs Allowed

    Dear No Dogs:

    Well, summer travel is always a wonderful thing, with or without Fido along.  If you choose to take him with you, please plan ahead – WAY ahead – as some hotels, Inns and camp grounds do not allow pets.  Others might allow them, but will charge extra.

    If you’re a triple-A member, they used to provide books on hotels that are pet friendly.  Or you can go to the internet and look up hotels in the area of your destination.  Most will tell you if they’re pet friendly.  But again, make sure you actually talk with a person AT that hotel to confirm everything.

    If you plan on camping, make sure you know and obey the rules they have there for Fido or you could be facing the quick end to your vacation.  There is nothing worse (and I know first hand) than trying to sleep with an obnoxiously barking dog in the same camp ground.  If Fido’s not the quietist of pooches, best to think about leaving him at Camp Home.

    Make sure you bring a crate or kennel with you as there will be times when you will leave Fido in the hotel room (while you get breakfast downstairs?).  Make sure to bring something to keep him amused, too!

    What ever you decide, make sure of a few things before you go…

    • Keep identification ON Fido – Actually write your name and cell phone number (as your home number will do no good!) ON Fido’s collar.  That way, if he does get lost, your number will be readily available. Use a laundry marker.
    • Get vaccinations updated.  Rabies and Bordatella (kennel cough) are the most frequently needed, although making sure Lyme, etc., is updated is also a great idea.  Remember that most vaccinations take 30 days to become effective.
    • Keep water and food with you.  Bring your own water as a change in water from hotel to hotel or camp ground, etc., can bring about diarrhea.  And THAT’S no fun!!  Stress can bring about diarrhea, too, so be aware of that.  Check with your vet to see if they have any suggestions for anti-diarrheal meds you can pack.
    • Bring other medications. Things like car-sickness meds (check with your vet) are great to have along.  Even if Fido doesn’t get sick on short rides, you don’t want THAT to surprise you!
    • Keep extra leashes, etc., with you as Fido just may get bored and chew through one or two!  If you’re camping, bring a tie-out, too.
    • Bring any medical supplies for those “just in case” moments.  Gauze, tape, etc., like you’d bring for the kids.  Cause ya JUST never know what they’re going to get into!
    • I’d bring a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  My vet has recommended it in case my guys get into something they’re not supposed to.  And make sure, when you arrive at your destination that you find out where the nearest veterinary hospital is.

    Traveling with Fido can be a great experience.  I know that when ever I go away, I always wonder if my crew is ok.  I do have someone actually live at my house when I travel but it’s just not the same!


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