Toe Nails

Hi Liz, I recently took your advice and had my dogs nails clipped after hearing them as she walked across the hardwood floors. I brought her home and it still happened.

What next?

Signed, Noisy Paws

Dear Noisy Paws. Well, I first have to wonder if the quick on your dog’s nails has grown out, making short nails a tough thing to have. One of my dogs has very long quicks, which is the part of the nail that carries the blood supply, so every time we trim his nails back, we can only go so far.

The result is that his nails tend to click on the floor very quickly after having them trimmed. We’ve tried to “train” the quicks back by trimming the nails back a bit more each time but it hasn’t worked that well yet! Ask your groomer to clip the nails “show length” if possible. This is actually a shorter clip and may work for you.

If you do them yourself, though, watch out for nicking that quick – it does bleed! Use styptic powder or even baby powder on the toenail to stop the bleeding. Keep pressure on it until it stops. Also, walking your dog on pavement actually helps naturally file them back a bit. Dogs that tend to stay indoors and only run on grass don’t get the advantage of that pavement pedicure.

It does take a while to see results, but it’s worth it. Keeping dogs’ nails short is a task that can be a real pain, but clipping them every 4 weeks or sooner if you see they’re growing out faster, will help Fido maintain a healthy length. So take her out for a healthy “pavement pedicure” and see if that helps. It will make BOTH of you feel good! Thank you for your efforts! I commend your wanting to keep her as healthy as possible.


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