Cadbury Easter

Dear Liz, As my kids wake up on Easter morning… the search will be on for the chocolate bunnies and other candies… That’s if the dog doesn’t find them first. Can you explain the dangers of dogs and chocolate?

Sincerely, Cadbury from Southington

Well, Cadbury, I can tell you that chocolate, or anything containing caffeine, is definitely NOT what you’d want your pets to get into.

Cocoa is only one of the products that contain caffeine, which is actually the culprit veterinarians warn against. Coffee grounds, tea, tea bags, etc., all contain high quantities of caffeine. Once ingested, the caffeine can make the pet extremely hyper.

The pet can vomit or have diarrhea, and, if enough is ingested, seizures as well. If the dose is high enough, death can occur. While this is rare, it can happen. There are other hazards around this Easter that owners should be aware of, though.

 Easter grass, while very pretty, can cause digestive upsets and even blockages in pets that like to eat it. My cats were very interested in the grass so we’ve discontinued using it, and instead use tissue paper to line our baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill. Many of the potted flowers are from bulbs and can be poisonous to pets as well, so keep them up and away from Kittie or Fido.

Easter lilies, a VERY popular plant given at this holiday, is very toxic to cats. Lilies in general are a very bad idea to have around cats! Plastic eggs, although cool to hide treats in for Easter Egg Hunts, can be forgotten (like when you put them out for the kids to find and then forget where they were!). Once found by Fido, they can smell good enough to eat (did you put the chocolates in there?).

The plastic eggs can crack and break and cause lacerations in your dog’s stomach and intestines. Hard boiled eggs spoil very quickly so make sure to throw them away after they’ve been out for even just a few hours. Make SURE they don’t end up in Fido’s possession! The foil that covers many treats can also cause digestive issues so make sure they’re not left out where pets can get hold of them.

Little Easter toys can be an issue as well so make sure you know where they are. So when in doubt, keep it out of reach of your pets. Enjoy your Easter but make sure it’s a safe one for everyone!


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