Pooch Accidents

Question:  Dear Liz, 

My pooch is about 6 years ago… long out of puppy-hood, but on occasion he still “happy-pees”.

 What do to?


Needs a New Mop


Answer:  Dear Needs a New Mop.  Well, the first thing you need to do is to make sure there are no physical reasons for this – no bladder infections, etc., and for that you need to get a good check-up with your veterinarian.

If everything’s ok, try having friends and family ignore him when they first come into the home (or where ever he is).  This sounds odd but it does work.  Here’s why…

Many times, “happy peeing” occurs when the attention is focused ON the dog and the dog gets nervous, hence peeing out of nerves.  Sometimes it’s just a few drops and other times it’s a boat-load.  The dog feels a bit apprehensive (much like going to the vet’s office!) and lets loose.  The idea is to take the attention off the dog and let him adjust to the new people in his environment.

Have people coming into the house and seeing him for the first time ignore him.  This actually takes the pressure off him and he won’t feel so self conscious.  Once he settles in and realizes that no one is focusing on him, have your friends and family casually put out a hand, remembering to not make eye contact with him.  Let them offer him a treat, making “meeting time” a happy time instead of a time to be apprehensive.  Remember that eye contact can be very un-nerving for a dog so avoid it until he’s obviously comfortable.

Watch his body language – you may actually be able to see his tension leave once he’s comfortable.  Then enjoy his company!

This will take practice so be patient!





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