Little Stinker Needs a Bath!

The Question:


Dear Liz,
This weekend my dog decided to try a new perfume. “O’de Neighbors Garden Manure” was its name.  Over me years as a dog owner, I’ve heard and tried a variety of dog bath remedies.   None of them have ever quite done the trick.  What’s the best stuff to make a stinky dog smell new car fresh again?  And do have any helpful tips for giving a dog a good bath?
Stinkin’ to High Heaven


The Answer:


Dear Stinkin to High Heaven:  Well, welcome to the Spring Thaw!!!  Seems those little buggers will get into ANYTHING that smells awful!  So here’s what we’re gonna do…


Get Fido into the tub.  It would be GREAT if you have one of those extended shower heads as they work wonderfully when it’s time for that bath.  If not, don’t worry – we’ll getcha through this!


If you don’t have one of those shower heads, just start the water running.  Make it warm to the touch but not hot.  Get a gallon water container (milk jugs work well) and fill it with water.  Start getting Fido wet!  This usually takes two – one to hold Fido and the other to wet him down.

Now, take a dog shampoo (or in an emergency, a person shampoo).  Re-fill the jug HALF WAY after Fido is all wet and put in a good squeeze of shampoo.  Basically, you want to dilute the shampoo by about 50% as it will be easier to rinse out.  You can always re-wash but a thorough rinse is tough with concentrated shampoo.


So lather, rinse and repeat if necessary!  If Fido has longer hair, take some conditioner in the palm of your hands.  Rub your hands together and then rub Fido down, giving a good amount to armpits, the neck and the back of the legs (butt region).  This will help with detangling after shampooing.  Rinse.  Rinse again.


Towel dry, and comb out.  Thank your lucky stars it wasn’t a skunk.


Tomorrow, make an appointment at the groomers and get a GOOD washing done!  Why?  Because unless you DO have that extended shower head and can REALLY rinse well (under that chasse is MOST important!), most likely some shampoo residue has been left on Fido that will, when dry, make him itchy.


So what if it’s a skunk your pooch decided to play with?  Here’s a great recipe for THAT perfume!


1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide

¼ cup baking soda

1 teaspoon liquid soap (believe it or not, Dawn works best!)


Double for bigger breeds…


Wet Fido down and work the mixture through his hair. 

Leave on for 3-4 minutes and rinse.


Be SURE to throw away any excess mixture.


It’s that easy!



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