Two Of The Same

Last week I did a segment with a little black kitten from the CT Humane Society. And nope, I didn’t end up adopting him! WANTED to, but he got scooped… Anyway, during that particular segment, I mentioned that adopting two female cats might cause an issue as most times two females don’t get along all that well. That statement brought about several e-mails on the subject so I thought I’d go into it a bit. By the way – thanks for the input!

 It has been my experience that MOST times, putting two female animals of the same species together can result in anything from an occasional scrapping to an all out issue between the two.

Now, THAT having been said, I need to clarify THAT one, too. Ok, some breeds of dogs (hounds, etc) do fine with two females in the group. They were bred to work in packs (as in hunting dogs) so having more than one female in the group is ok. Other breeds (such as German Shepherds) do NOT do so well with multiple females in the group. A German Shepherd is not a dog that works in a pack – it works by itself. There are exceptions in those groups as well but IN GENERAL, two female dogs don’t do great together. They may co-exist but they usually aren’t bosom buddies.

Now as far as cats go, I’ve found that two females aren’t as friendly with each other as two males or a male and female. It may not be that they actually have it out, but I’ve not seen too many that are WONDERFUL companions to each other.

Hope that settles it! Sometimes it works but most times it’s less than loving.

Now that brings me to another thought. What do YOU think? We tried to start this going a while back and drifted off from it at some point. I’d like to know what you, the reader, the viewer, want to know! Is there a topic you’d like me to check into? Got a quick question you want answered?

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