Pets As Holiday Gifts

Ok – say it with me now …. “I will not give a pet as a holiday gift”… Repeat until it sinks in that giving a pet as a holiday gift is NOT a good idea!!! Need help getting this point into your head? Call me!!! Want an option that won’t make you nuts? Read on!

“A pet is a lifetime commitment – not a holiday gift” – so reads a bumper sticker given to me by a good friend. And it’s a point I’ve been trying to drive home every year… year after year after year…Hopefully with some success!

Now why, you ask, is it not a good idea? Well, think about it – tinsel, toys, gift wrap, wires, food, relatives, drinks, plants…. All the things a new pet would LOVE to get into.
And veterinary bills you just DON’T want to go near!!!

I can’t pick out a pet that would make you happy any more than you can pick one out for me. It is a very personal thing to pick out a companion that will be with you for up to the next 20 years (yep – 20 years is a possible!)…

Even though Grama Mary may like (or even LOVE) your cat / dog, it doesn’t mean she wants one of her own! She may be very happy loving your pet while she’s visiting with you. Remember that pets can be a burden (boarding, vaccinations, walking, etc) that Grama might just rather leave to someone else.

Kids and puppies or kittens do NOT make a great combination! Many adoption agencies have a rule of not adopting out where there are kids under a certain age. And it’s with great reason! They don’t go together well! Kids like to pull, poke, squish, throw, hug, squeeze and lock pets in drawers. Puppies and kittens, on the other hand, like to scratch, nip, bite, chew on and run away from children.

So want an alternative to bringing home a new pet for the holiday? Go for a Pet Promise Certificate! Click on the link below and wrap THAT up for a gift!

I’m not saying that bringing a new pet home is a bad idea; I’m simply saying that bringing it home for the holidays is a TERRIBLE idea! Picking out a new friend is something that should be done when things are calm and relaxed – not as a frenzied attempt to complete a holiday shopping list.

So if you really, REALLY want to get that special someone a new buddy, give them a certificate that says you’ll do it together. Give them that, a new leash or food bowl (ok, a kitty litter box is a bit tacky so don’t go there!), a collar or a cat toy. Then, when the holidays are over and things are back to normal (and the decorations are back in their boxes), spend time together finding just the right pet. It’s an experience that you and your gift recipient will both treasure and remember for years to come.


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