Holiday Giving, Part IV

So dogs aren’t your fancy?  Neither are horses or other farm animals?  Say you’re a cat lover?  Well, have we got the group for you!


F.O.B.A.C. (Friends of Berlin Animal Control, a non-profit organization) has an incredible program founded by a good friend of mine; Jan Lund.


Years ago, Jan, the Berlin Animal Control officer, figured there HAD to be a way to help reduce the state’s cat over-population.  She knew that in a five year period, one female cat can be responsible for TWELVE THOUSAND kittens (that’s a LOT of kitty litter!). The State of Connecticut does not require municipal animal control pounds to take in stray cats, so they’re more often dumped along roadsides and left in apartments than dogs are. They seem to be the “forgotten” and “disposable” pet.  Jan’s a cat nut, plain and simple.  She’d do anything for a stray kitty.   

So she started the Central Connecticut Cat Project.  In a nut shell, it’s a program designed to help reduce the over population of cats by offering low cost spay and neuter clinics for pets as well as for feral (wild) cats. She runs a clinic once a month and they just keep coming.


The group also helps with TNR (Trap Neuter and Release) programs.  In this way, feral cat colonies are identified, trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and released.  Those cats within the colonies that are deemed adoptable are taken into foster homes and prepared for adoptions. 


Those cats who are deemed not to be adoptable into homes are sometimes taken and placed into farm environments.  These cats make excellent barn cats!  They’re spayed or neutered and vaccinated.  They’re worked with by Jan’s volunteers and, once socialized, they’re paired in twos and the new owner is given instructions on how to make these cats a part of their farm.  It’s a win-win for both the cats and the farms.


Jan and her volunteers feed and provide shelters for many of the cat colonies in her area.  They also take from municipal pounds cats and kittens (and pregnant cats) that have not been claimed.  Once in foster care, they’re vetted and matched with potential adoptive homes.


But they can’t do their work without financial help from folks like you!  Jan and her group work day and night for these forgotten critters.  They could use your help!  So if you have a cat lover on your holiday list, or you’d just like to show Jan support for what she does, please feel free to donate!



Donations can be made to


 The Central Connecticut Cat Project

P.O. Box 1

Kensington, CT 06037




The Central Connecticut Cat Project, as well as F.O.B.A.C. have many cats available for adoption.  Feel free to visit their site to learn more about how you can take one of these forgotten kitties home.  See their available pets for adoption at:


Central Connecticut Cat Project





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