Holiday Giving, Part III

 This week, we’re going to introduce you to two very different rescues.  Well, they’re not rescues in the traditional sense, though.  They’re more like sanctuaries. They take in the abused, neglected, cast-offs of society and heal them inside and out.  Then they give them the love and support these animals need until they leave this world.  These are two very special groups and I’ve known their founders for years.  Take my word for it; these folks are dedicated, special people who do what many other rescues can not.


The first is Out to Pasture Farm Rescue.  Now, I’ve known Carrie Haggart, the founder, since I was a kid.  Carrie and her family were always taking in what we all called “basket cases”.  They were injured, neglected critters who desperately needed help.

She and her family would care for these creatures with incredible love and if they could not be placed, they would stay with their family.


I can remember when Carrie had Lord Edward’s Grooming Room in Newington.  I used to bring Bandit there for baths.  Carrie had this little Chihuahua type dog that had been in some sort of accident.  This little dog lost bladder control and had to wear a diaper.  Now, while most folks would not keep a dog like that, Carrie simply changed its diapers on a regular basis and bathed this pooch every night to ensure its cleanliness.  It was not even an issue to her.  It was just part of her daily routine.


Carrie’s love for the under-dog (so to speak) stayed with her as she grew up.  Now she’s got an incredible rescue going out in the Coventry area. To quote her website, Out to Pasture is “a family run, non-profit animal rescue / rehabilitation organization that cares for animals in need.  Their goal is to give these animals which are elderly, abused, terminally ill and / or physically challenged, a home where they can live out their natural lives with the physical and emotional support they deserve.”


So if you’d like to give Carrie and the crew at Out to Pasture a donation on behalf of someone or someone’s pet, I know they can sure use the help.  Please click on the link below to learn more about the crew.



Out To Pasture Farm and Rescue


Donations can be sent to Carrie at the address below:


Out To Pasture Farm & Rescue, Inc.

PO Box 310174

Newington, CT   06131-0174



Now the next place I want to tell you about is Rainbow End Farm in Granby, CT.  The founder, Rosia Kennedy, is one of the coolest people I know.  I met Rosia through my work as the Granby animal control officer.  I think our first meeting was over a rabid skunk around her barn.  She was so concerned for this poor skunk I thought she was going to refuse to let us take it! 


After that episode, we chatted about her farm.  Rosia is an animal nut.  And I mean that in the nicest way.  She’s nuts about her critters. She started Rainbow End back in 1999.  She’s taken in animals that have been neglected or abused as well as animals whose owners are no longer able to care for them.  She’s taken in animals from every situation I can think of.  When ever one of them passes on, she calls me and lets me know she’s got room “for one more” if I know of any needing help.


Rosia’s rescue focuses on farm animals.  She’s got cows, pigs, horses (and recently took in two mini-horses), donkeys, goats and even rabbits. 


Once an animal is in Rosia’s care, they receive what ever veterinary attention they need.  Once their physical needs have been met, she starts on their emotional needs.  She tells me that the mini horses need manners so she’s currently working on them.  Picture this woman who is all but five feet tall, getting these mini horses into shape!  These animals stay with Rosia until they pass on, hence the name Rainbow End Farm.  She’s been called a rescue but she’s more like a sanctuary, where these animals can live with love and understanding from this little, spirited woman with the huge heart.


She’s been showcased in the Hartford Courant and has received publicity from many other sources as well, but things are tough for her, too.  Even though times are tough, though, Rosia is tougher.  She’s determined to make sure all of her animals continue to get the love and care they deserve. 


Want to help?  I know Rosia can always use things like hay and bedding.  For that, please contact Larry Bannish at The Feed Warehouse in Southwick, MA (just over the CT line) at 413-569-3233.  Larry knows exactly what kind of hay and bedding Rosia uses.


Now to make a donation on behalf of the animal lover on your holiday list, or to just make a donation to help Rosia keep going, please send your tax deductible donation to


Rainbow End Farm

c/o Rosia Kennedy

4 Haleview Drive

Granby, CT 06035


Together, we can keep both Out to Pasture and Rainbow End Farm doing what they do best – Taking care of those who can not take care of themselves!



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