Holiday Giving, Part II

Last week I told you we’re going to be giving you various organizations that can use some help.  Making donations to these organizations on behalf of an animal lover in your life not only benefits the organization, but it also gives both you and the person you’re giving on behalf of some nice, warm fuzzies!

We’ve told you about my organization, Bandit’s Place, Inc., Animal Rescue, as a rescue for dogs, some cats, birds, reptiles, etc. so let’s look into another rescue.


Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue is located in East Granby, CT, on Seymour Road.  Now I’ve known these folks for a few years and I have to say, they ROCK!  This is a non-profit (which means your donations are tax deductible!), volunteer equine rescue that provides quality care and placement for equines in need.


They were established in 1996 and work tirelessly to prevent animals from needlessly going to slaughter and to find them permanent, loving homes.  They care for these creatures as if they were their own children!


These equines are taken from situations of neglect, abuse, etc., and are brought back to health (both physically and mentally) by a team of VERY dedicated folks.  Some of these animals require extensive veterinary care which is provided by the rescue.  They’ve taken in some incredible cases and turned them around and I can tell you they are very, VERY dedicated people!

Once these animals are made fit for adoption, they are able to go to new homes.  If, at any point in their lives, the adopters find themselves no longer able to properly care for these equines, they come back to Second Chance Ranch.

Adopters go through the same application process as every other animal rescue – You have to be able to prove that you’re able to properly care for the animal you’re interested in taking home.  You have to meet and interact with the equine you would like to adopt several times to ensure a good fit.  Second Chance has further requirements for adoption that they’d love to go over with you if you’re interested!!!!


Not able to adopt but still want to help?  Well, Second Chance gives you the opportunity to sponsor an animal as well!  This way you can have that great feeling that you helped make it possible to save an animal!


Have a horse lover on your holiday list?  Why not donate funds to Second Chance on behalf of that person – or on behalf of someone’s beloved horse….


So here’s their address – and remember, all donations are tax deductible!!!




Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue

P.O. Box 452

East Longmeadow, MA 01028-0452

(Don’t worry – their in CT, it’s just that the mailing address is in MA)


Or you can go to the web site!


OR you can E-mail them!



So go and look – it won’t hurt!  And it will give you another idea for holiday giving!  Here’s a listing of the rescues we’ve highlighted so far – I’ll add to them every week and remind you of who does what…


Bandit’s Place, Inc., Animal Rescue


All pet rescue


Second Chance Ranch Equine Rescue





Second Chance Ranch is having a fund-raising dinner


It’s a comedy show and a buffet dinner!

Doors open at 5:30 pm

Elks Lodge

N. Maple St., Enfield, CT


Tickets $25.00 each available at the door!


Questions?  Call 860-749-8434





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