It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like ……Holiday Shopping Time!

Well, I can not tell you how glad I am that Halloween is over!  Seems like it’s getting less and less popular as the years go by, and I end up buying way too much candy for way too few trick-or-treaters…  Oh well…. Time to move on to that holiday after the next one – You know, the Ho Ho Holiday we all blow our bank accounts over, not to mention our nerves.


So I decided that I’m going to do something different for everyone.  On behalf of all the homeless, needy pets out there in shelters across the state, I’m going to give every holiday shopper a way out of those long lines, testy sales-people and baggage lugging.  A way that the shopping can be done stress free and from home!


As I have said many times, shelters across the state are in need of financial help if they’re going to be able to help those in need.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to showcase different shelters that could use donations.  Donations that can be made on behalf of someone who loves animals, who lost an animal, or someone who just wants to help and get that “feel good” we all like!  The shelters I will be highlighting are all registered, non-profit organizations so your monetary donation is also tax deductible!


The first one is, well, mine.  Bandit’s Place was started many years ago on behalf of my dog, Bandit.  She was my first rescue dog and, as it turned out, was the most incredible, sweet, intelligent dog I’ve met!  She was an extremely abused, frightened puppy who came from the dog pound in New Britain and was with me for ten great years, through good and bad.  She died in my arms in 1992 and I promised her then that I would do what ever I could for neglected and abused animals just like her.  I kept that promise and opened up Bandit’s Place, Inc., Animal Rescue.


Through the years, Bandit’s Place has managed to help hundreds of animals find new, permanent, loving homes.  We average about 150 pets a year through direct placement and referrals.  We’ve had them born here and helped them cross over that rainbow bridge as well.  They are all loved and cared for and every one of them leaves with a kiss, a hug and a promise of a better life.


We take dogs, cats, birds and certain reptiles from where ever – “It matters not where they come from but it matters greatly where they go” is our slogan.  I’ve traveled as far as Kentucky or as close as Hartford to get animals in need.  Once here, they receive medical care and training as well as love and comfort. 


In 1997 I started doing weekly television appearances to promote animal adoption from the 169 municipal animal pounds in the state.  The message was that there were hundreds of pets available throughout Connecticut at shelters and pounds that no one knew existed.  We got the word out and hopefully helped at least a few get new homes.  I plan on continuing what ever I need to do in order to keep the shelters known.


So, if you’d like to help Bandit’s Place keep things going, please think about making a financial contribution!  You can read up on us at   There, you’ll be able to read up more on us and our mission.  Our mailing address is


Bandit’s Place, Inc.

C/o 70 Granville Road

East Hartland, CT 06027


As I said, over the next few weeks I’ll be high-lighting several different rescues – those for horses, for water fowl, for cats, etc – and you’ll be able to pick the one that best matches the person you’d like to donate on behalf of!

So sit back, relax, and ENJOY the holiday season for once!


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