EASY Fundraising!

I have to say, I HATE fund raising!  Especially when it’s calling everyone I know to beg them to buy cookies they don’t want, wrapping paper they already have or magazines they already read.  It should be called “Guilting Someone” instead of “Fund Raising”.


However, like many other groups out there, animal rescues rely heavily on fund raising to keep their heads above water.  Let’s face it – times are tough all over and rescues are no exception.  For non-profit animal rescues, fund raising is about the only thing that keeps us able to do what we do so we’re always out there, pleading for financial help.


It is with that in mind that I make my plea to you….. This past summer, Bandit’s Place lost 5 out of 9 puppies to something called Parvo Virus – a fast-spreading, deadly virus that affects puppies and unvaccinated dogs.  Hospitalization ran over $500.00 per dog and only 4 were saved   It was heavy toll, financially, but also one emotionally for everyone involved.


A few months ago Bandit’s Place was approached by Nodine’s Smoke House out in Torrington.  Nodines wanted to help!  They’ve offered to give to Bandit’s Place 25% of each order they receive on behalf of us!  We were thrilled!

Here’s how it works – Go to www.NodineSmokhouse.com  and browse around.  The prices you see are NOT marked up for the fundraising!  These are the regular prices. Once you’ve picked out your purchases, click on  Fund Raiser Supporter… From there, scroll down until you see Organizations / Clubs – We’re listed there!  Once you’ve picked out what you want, you’ll see it in your “shopping basket” – Our code, 1028, is needed for the 25% of the sale to come to us.  Please think about this for your holiday shopping!


You can also use Nodine’s fund raising for your school, church, etc!  Just contact them and they’ll set it up for you.


So, short and sweet this week – We, like many, many other animal rescue groups, are in need of financial support from where ever we can get it.  We can’t help the animals in need without asking for help ourselves.  Please consider helping!  Whether it’s Bandit’s Place or another rescue – we’re all in this together!


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