Fall Reminders

As I take my daily walk, I am reminded of things I’d like to tell you not to forget as we approach the colder weather.


First, if you have rabbits that are outside, now is the time to start giving them extra bedding hay.  They will need it as most hutches are open on at least two sides and that wind will be a-blowin very soon!  Give them more hay and they’ll make their own burrows.


Second, it’s still flea and tick season.  Bringing in wood for the fire can bring in some ticks as well so make sure to check your pets frequently for unwanted visitors.  And once you turn that heat on, the flea eggs that have fallen into the carpet under the heat registers or through the cracks in the wood floor will start hatching.  They love the warmth and all of a sudden you’ll find an infestation you didn’t want!  I also sprinkle flea powder around and UNDER the heaters.  That way, when I vacuum, I get the eggs up AND the larvae and neither will survive once they hit that powder.


Make sure to keep your pooch (and kitty) on heartworm preventative.  The preventatives actually work backwards, so giving them a pill this month kills what ever they were exposed to LAST month.  Some of these meds also de-worm so that’s an added bonus!


Now, if you keep your dogs outside during they day, you’re going to have to start

re-thinking this thought!  Unless your dog is of the double coat variety, it will not do well outside in the cold.  Very young dogs, dogs of poor health and old dogs are especially vulnerable to the cold weather.  Even just a “chilly” day can have an affect on them.  Try and switch to a more climate controlled area, such as a garage.  But remember to put the dog’s house up on something like a palate to make sure it’s off the cement floor (which sucks the warmth out of your dog).  If your pooch MUST stay outside during the day, get the dog house up, off the ground for extra warmth.  Surrounding the house with bales of hay or straw and elongating the entrance to the dog house with the straw will also help cut the wind and cold.


Your dog will most likely require extra calories if he / she is going to be kept out so keep that in mind!  Those extra calories will help Poochie maintain bodily warmth.


And remember, it’s illegal in the state of Connecticut to tie, tether, or otherwise keep your dog outside 24 / 7.  Do this and you might find yourself facing a judge.


Cats are of concern at this point, too.  Remember that from dusk until dawn predatory animals are out there, looking for food.  Putting Kitty out for the night is an open invitation to any predators in the area, so keep Kitty safe and warm INSIDE.


Well that’s all I can think of right now.  Got any more suggestions?  Let me know and I’ll post them!


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