Fun Fall Frolicking With Fido


Fall is a fun time to frolic with Fido!  Ok, I’ll stop.  But it really is!  There is no excuse NOT to have fun with your canine companion (or other furry companions for that matter).


My rabbit used to love to play in leaves we raked up for him.  We’d rake up a pile and plop him in the middle.  He’d start to burrow down and would then pop out at some other location.  He loved this and it was a great way to play.


Bring some leaves in for the kitty to play with!  You’ll find the kitten in your cat in a great way!


Going hiking with Fido is also a wonderful way to get both of you more fit for the winter months.  Start out slow if neither of you have been doing much hiking!  Go for trails that are well worn and flatter until you both build up endurance.  Nothing worse (believe me) thank getting your dog to hike aaaaaaallllllll the way up a hill and then having to carry the pooch back down because, well, you tired him out!!! 


Dogs’ pads are also a concern this time of year if you’re planning on starting that hiking routine.  Remember, those tender tootsies have not been exposed to rocks or sticks and they can get torn very quickly if you go on terrain that’s too rough.  Use caution and always carry first aid supplies for Fido.  A clean, white sock with some medical tape can be put over the paw and taped onto Fido’s leg in a pinch if the pad gets torn or cut.  Then make sure to get the pooch to the vet ASAP for treatment.


Also beware of sticks!  Believe it or not, your mother was right – You CAN poke an eye out with that thing!  Watch for sudden tearing or rubbing of the eye – or obvious injury.  At one time, when I was working for an emergency veterinary hospital, we had a dog come in who would not put weight on his leg.  The owner had taken the pooch for a hike in the woods and the dog suddenly went lame.  The owner checked the dog’s feet and found a puncture but nothing much else.  Well, it turned out that the dog stepped on a stick and it acted much like a nail, going INTO the foot of the dog.  Once removed, everyone was MUCH happier.  So don’t just think your dog went lame with a sore muscle – check out their piggy toes!


Beware of critters trying to get ready for winter!  Mr.Skunk and Mr. Porcupine are out there and they’re mighty ready to defend themselves if Mr. Pooch decides to try and become friends!  Nuff said…


Oh and one more thing… Hunting season opens soon.  Make SURE you AND your pets wear ORANGE so you can enjoy a fun and SAFE time in the great outdoors.


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