Helping Others Help Their Pets

Every once in a while you hear about an organization busting its butt trying to help others in need. Well, a few weeks ago I found out about a really good one. 


We chatted not too long ago about donating pet food to local food banks to help folks feed their pets so they would not have to give them up because of rising prices of everything we buy.  And I have to say, many of you responded by donating pet foods and I thank you VERY much!  Let’s keep up this work!!!


So here’s another group, but with a different way to help.  So many times our Seniors have to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets.  Most times, they both lose.  The Kado Foundation was brought about to help in this situation.  Here’s their story…


The Kado Pet Foundation is a non-profit, 501c3, charity that helps low-income people who are either seniors (age 60 or above) or people who are in permanent hardship situations, usually due to medical condition(s).


The Kado Pet Foundation takes over the lifetime care of their animal companions so that they can stay in their homes with their families!  This includes, but is not limited to, veterinary expenses, food, litter and assistance with the care of the pets.


For those who qualify for the lifetime care program, and would like to have an animal companion, we help them adopt a pet in need of a home! 


There has been talk of seniors having to choose between food and medications and yet it is often overlooked that their pets need help, too!  Many times for them their pets come first.  Many people sacrifice their own health or well-being and the Kado Pet Foundation believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the companionship and many healthy benefits of having a pet.


The Kado Pet Foundation presently has more than 50 pets they’re providing for at this time.  As the word is spreading about Kado, the number of people contacting us has increased.  In the first week of June, we have found ten more pets that are in need of help!  The majority of pets that have come into the program have not been seen by a veterinarian in years, if ever.  Most need to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered.  Many need dental cleanings and some have ongoing medical issues such as hyperthyroidism, allergies, and kidney disease.


The Kado Pet Foundation has a web site that you can access.  Please go to

to see what they’re doing.  They plan to have all of the “Kado’s Kids” and their stories on the site but it’s been hard to take the time to get that going as they’re constantly delivering food, etc., to those in need. 


If you would like to help, please get in touch with them!  Remember, if these animals have to end up in shelters, we ALL end up paying the price.  Won’t you help these folks keep their pets?  Thanks!!  Here’s their address and phone number, too….  The Kado Pet Foundation, P.O.

Box 303, Windsor, CT 06095 – or call at 860-688-5108….



And remember, too, that food banks across CT still need pet foods donated!!!


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