Food Banks Affected By Economy

Those were the headlines of an article in The Granby Drummer, a local paper, and they got me thinking.  Folks are having a hard time making ends meet for themselves…. I wonder how many folks are having a hard time making ends meet for their pets, as well.


Times are hard.  Gas prices are up.  Folks are having to sacrifice.  Ends don’t get met and everyone suffers.  Including the family pets.


In Granby, each month an average of 86 bags of food are given to residents needing some assistance.  I chatted with the folks at the Granby Food Bank and was told that lots of families won’t come for assistance because they’re too proud.  So I asked about pet foods.  Do people ever donate food for pets to the food banks?  Is there a need?  YES was the reply I got…


In California, someone, somewhere is setting up a food bank for pets.  I heard about that and thought what a great idea!  We, as a shelter, get donations of food all the time.  Some times we get TOO much and I’ve given it to retirement complexes or other shelters but never thought about giving it to a food bank.


So here’s the idea….Every town in the state of Connecticut has a food bank of some sort. Why not, when you’re out shopping at the store, pick up a bag of dog food, cat food, cat litter, bird food, etc., and bring it to your local food bank? 

Shelters all across America are getting in more and more pets because of family situations that are changing.  Bankruptcy, foreclosure or just the increased expense of owning a pet is prompting folks to have to give them up. This puts a burden on shelters who have to house these animals and, more often than not, euthanize them due to lack of space (which, by the way, all comes out of YOUR tax dollars)…  So maybe it’s time we became our brother’s keepers and helped out a bit.  It actually benefits all of us… and it feels good, too!


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  1. I think this is a great idea. So many times the pets are the forgotten ones…the silent majority. When times are tough, a pet can make all the difference in the world to a family/individual. Their non-judgemental looks and unconditional love have you get though the day. Please remember them when donating to your local food banks and shelters.

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