Happy 4th!!!

This week marks yet another anniversary of these United States of America.  Happy Birthday, USA!!!!


And it is with that in mind that I write out this week’s blog.  Although fireworks, parades and cookouts on the grill are things we all love, they can be very dangerous for our pets.


Every year I see owners bringing dogs to parades and to firework events and I wonder WHY they’re doing this!!


Most parades have loud noises.  ALL firework displays have loud noises.  DOGS DON’T LIKE LOUD NOISES!!!  They instinctively run AWAY from loud noises.  It’s a thing they’ve learned keeps them away from harm!  BUT…. Folks bring them anyway and then wonder why Fido is scared to death.  Let’s go over a few points….

Dogs have exceptional hearing – I’m not just talking good, I’m talking about MAJORLY good hearing.  As in they can hear things we’ll never hear, about a mile away.  Take that EXTREMELY sensitive hearing and pop off a firecracker near by and, well, you get the picture.  Sounds like a sonic boom to them.  Loud noises can startle them, causing them to panic and run into traffic or just to run off altogether.  Dogs and traffic don’t go together well, trust me on that…


Dogs don’t like fire.  It smells weird and scares them, too.  Now, put firecrackers (bang!) or sparklers (flying sparks of fire) near a dog and it’s a recipe for a bad situation.  Dogs have hair.  Hair catches fire when sparks from sparklers go into it.  A wrongly aimed firework can cause burns as well – folks know to get out of the way… The commotion can disorient a dog so that it will not be able to get out of the way fast enough.


Cookouts are great – for people.  Dogs, however, smell that good stuff cookin on the grill but they don’t know that the grill is HOT.  Jumping up on the grill to grab a burger might seem cute or funny but it can also mean that your dog gets burned.  Fido can also knock over the grill, spoiling everyone’s fun (except the firemens’ – cause they love to go to fires!!!).  And even if Fido grabs that burger, he doesn’t know it’s too hot to eat and may end up burning his mouth.  They can also get into food or drinks they’re not supposed to be getting into.  Leave them home in the nice air conditioned room….


So hopefully you all will have a GREAT 4th of July – Hopefully it will be a safe one for not only you but also for your pets as well!  Keep them home – away from stuff – and they’ll thank you for it!!!

Summer Blast For Animals


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