Notice: Lost Dog – If Found, Return to….

As an animal control officer I received many, many calls about lost pets over the years.  Always from frantic owners, always with hope that somehow that pet ended up in my pound.  Sometimes they did and it was a happy ending, sometimes they didn’t and it wasn’t so happy.  So this week I have a few tips on what to do if your pet becomes lost.


First things first – identification!!!  No one will know who your pet belongs to unless they are wearing identification.  It is actually State law in CT that your pet must be wearing its Rabies tag at all times.   It’s also a law that your dog must be registered with the town you live in and must wear that tag as well, at all times.  A collar with a cell number or home number written right on it in permanent marker does well.  A tag with a phone number and name works well, too.  Micro-chipping also works very well for those who tend to slip collars (or for cats who don’t wear collars)…  A micro-chip is a very tiny device implanted between the shoulder blades of your dog / cat.  If found and turned into an animal control officer or a veterinary hospital, these folks can use a scanner to check for the chip.  Once located, the company is called and, if your pet is registered, your information will be given to the agency and you will be contacted.  Happy ending!


So what happens if you don’t have a micro-chip and your pet has slipped its collar?  Well, as SOON as you discover your pet is missing, CALL EVERYWHERE!  Call veterinary hospitals, call animal control officers, call the town and State highway crews (they pick up deceased animals found along the roadways).  Start in the immediate area, and then work out from there.  Call often as sometimes the same people aren’t working that you’ve spoken to and the message doesn’t get relayed.  Animal Control officers are required, by law, to post found / impounded animals in a “widely distributed newspaper”.  However, the posting only needs to be for ONE day so keep checking the papers.


Have pictures of your pet – a face shot and a body shot.  Have it in good lighting so you can see it better.  Use these pictures to make “missing pet” posters.  Either print them out on your computer or, if you’re like me and computer illiterate, bring the pictures to a printer and have them printed there.  Then post them EVERYWHERE – Start in the immediate area your pet was last seen in.  Put a phone number on that you can actually be reached at.  Remember, pets can roam a mile in a very short period so the more you put up, the better – And make the writing on the poster BIG ENOUGH TO SEE!


Check with television stations to see if they can air a picture and description of your pet.


WALK the area you pet was last seen in.  Normally, pets don’t like the sound of a car engine so calling the pet out the window of your car will only confuse and scare him / her.  Keep going back to that area.  MOST times when they run, it’s not to a great distance from where they originally were. It’s familiar so most will stay within an area.


Lastly – don’t lose hope.  I’ve seen some found after months of being lost.


Speaking of being lost – We at Bandit’s Place are trying to help find two dogs –


Spencer was last seen in the Pulaski St. area of Torrington, and in an area about a mile south of that.  Spencer is an adult, black lab mix of about 40 pounds.  He’s very shy and has been seen often but is still not comfortable with coming up to people.  He prefers female voices vs male.  He’s got a collar on and probably has half a leash on (chewed through the leash when it got caught up on something)…


Coda is a GORGEOUS blonde Husky – One brown eye, one blue eye.  He was lost in the Middletown area at the end of April and was, for a while, seen with a golden retriever.  Huskies can roam FAR distances so he could be anywhere at this point.  He’s a big boy but you’ll know him by his looks.  He will come when called.


ANY information on either of these dogs would be GREATLY appreciated!  There are two VERY saddened owners (and a doggie buddy) waiting for the return of these two.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Liz! You are an angel for the animals!

  2. I believe the CT law actually states that the owner must keep a copy of the rabies certificate (as well as license)…I cannot find any law that states the tag must be kept on the dog. While this is a good idea, I don’t think it is actually a law as you have stated above…if it is, please direct me to the appropriate statute on the Dept of Agriculture or state website. Thank you.

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