Emergency Preparedness

During the past few weeks there have been numerous incidents of tornadoes and other severe weather across the United States.  Families and pets are displaced by these storms all the time. But the question is, what do you do with your pet when you have to evacuate?


Well, before the storm strikes, let’s remember the Boy Scout motto – Be Prepared!


A few suggestions I’ve come up with over the years may come in handy…


AAA has a book they put out every year.  See if someone you know can get a copy.  Then look up hotels that are pet friendly.  And not just in CT.  Look in surrounding states as well.  What if a hurricane hit?  Several states would be affected so it’s best to keep a list of numerous hotels in numerous areas.


Water, water everywhere….. Once the storm hits and drains over-flow and flooding starts, most likely there will be not a sanitary drop of water to drink for either you OR your pet.  Stock up on bottled water – by the gallon…. Take old gallon milk containers and, after they’re thoroughly washed, fill them with water.  Store them in the basement as this is most likely the place you’ll be hiding if the “big one” hits…


Get an extra supply of pet food.  Keep bird food in the freezer to make sure no moths decide to make their homes in the bags.  Rotate the food so you always have an extra bag on hand.


Get extra food bowls and water bowls for every one.  Keep all pet supplies (extra leashes, bedding, etc) in one place.  Maybe invest in a plastic tub with a cover.  Put “PET SUPPLIES” in bold marker across the top so that in case of an emergency evacuation, you can clearly see the box and grab and go.


Have pet carriers available for each pet you have – even birds.  And have them in easily accessible areas.  Again, if you have to leave in a hurry, knowing where everything is really helps.


Keep a list of all pet medications. Keep extras if you can but make sure you have a list at least of all necessary meds.


I know there are stickers you can get for windows that list the number and types of pets in the house – This can help the fire department in case of a fire or it can also help rescue workers if needed.


Now this information is for when you have time to evacuate.  Obviously, if you have a fire in the house, there is not time to go looking for things.  Remember – if you put yourself in jeopardy, you’ll be no good to your pets.  Use common sense! And prepare!!


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