Sweet Summer Time!

Oh summer time – that wonderful, relaxing time of year!  What a perfect time to be with your pets, enjoying the warm weather, the lake, long walks, the pool!  So what can go wrong?  Well, not much if you’re careful.  Here are a few tips I’ve come up with over the years….


Pets in Cars – You’ve heard it over and over – Don’t leave your pet in a closed up car.  Well, what about if you crack the windows about 2 inches?  Doesn’t that help?  Nope.  Not at all.  Your pet’s body temperature is around 100 degrees.  Your pet is covered with insulating fur.  Your pet doesn’t sweat the way you and I do.  So put your pet in a car, in a parking lot (usually not a lot of shade there), in temperatures above 70 and you’re looking at a disaster very quickly.  Even with the windows cracked about 2 inches, its still waaaaay too hot for the pet.  Pets heat up very quickly and can’t sweat as well as we can.  Their internal temperature soars and, well, we all hear on the news what happens next.  But did you know that, if you leave your pet in the car, you just might have to go see a judge to explain your actions?  Yep – it can land you under arrest.  Best thing to do?  Leave the pet at home – they’ll like it better, anyway!


What do you do if you see an animal in a car on a hot day?  If you see an animal in a parked car and it appears that the animal is having difficulties (excessive panting, etc), get the license plate, go into the store and give the information to the clerk at the courtesy desk.  You can also just get the license plate and call the local police department.  They’ll take the information, you can remain anonymous, and they’ll send a patrol car or the animal control officer out to check.  Because you’ve given them the license plate number, the car can be located even if it leaves the parking lot.  It doesn’t hurt to try and help – And you could just be saving a life!


Older animals are extremely susceptible to heat issues.  Please make sure to keep these older animals inside where it’s cooler.


Dogs do NOT belong in an open bed of a pickup!!!  The bed of the truck (made of METAL) gets very hot in the sun!  Along with getting burned feet, the pooch can, if the truck stops fast, become a missile and fly OUT of the truck, causing injury or death to the dog.  The owner / operator of that truck, by the way, is also liable for any damages or accidents, his or her flying dog causes to anyone else.  And remember, too, that if you park your pickup with your dog in the bed and someone walks by and receives a “love nip” from your dog, you are liable as well…  Long and short – leave the dog home!


Now, dogs in beds of trucks leads to thoughts about dogs lose in cars.  This may sound silly, but there are actually seat belts for dogs.  Ok – stop laughing.  I’ve chatted with medical folks who respond to motor vehicle accidents where pets are in vehicles.  What happens is that the animal (usually the dog) gets thrown around the car if the car has to stop fast or if the car is involved in an accident.  We’re talking about an animal being tossed around a car and, hence, banging off of the people in the car.  THIS can cause some MAJOR issues!  So maybe it’s time to either use a seatbelt or a crate to restrain your dog for it’s protection (and yours)…


Now, on to taking walks.  I love to take a walk with my dogs.  But I do it ONLY when the pavement is NOT hot.  I’ve seen folks walking their dogs mid-day, when the sun is making the tar on the road into tar-bubbles (remember popping them??)…. There they walk, with their dog beside them, and the dog is SO trying to get up onto the grass and the owner keeps yanking the poor pooch back onto the VERY hot pavement.  Let’s think about this – If YOU won’t walk barefoot on the road because it’s hot, WHY would you have your DOG walk there?


And on to the beach we go…. I love the beach.  I love the sand and the water.  I can not imagine taking my dog, though!  There are signs posted all over – “NO Dogs on the Beach”… Know why?  CAUSE THEY DON’T BELONG THERE!  Too hot, no shade, salt water is NOT good for them, and, well, they poop.  I don’t want MY kids digging up doggie poop at the beach.  I know that they’re not allowed during the season but I’m talking about between now and when the season officially opens.  There will be plenty of warm, sunny beach days between now and then.  Dogs don’t belong on the beach!


Oh, also – Chlorine is not good for dogs.  I have a kiddy pool that I use for my crew.  I set it up in the back yard every summer and that way they have their OWN pool.  No cleaning dog hair out of the filter, no worrying that the dog’s nails are going to rip the liner, no worries about over-drying their sensitive skin with the chlorine…… I love to watch them swim – at the lake!


So that’s that.  Those are my observations.


Is there anything YOU’D like to know about?  E-mail me!  I’d love to get some ideas on blogs!


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