Of Fleas, Ticks and Other Creepy Crawlies

“Caution – Harmful if swallowed.  Causes eye irritation.  Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing.  Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.”


So I’m reading these cautions as I prepare to use this product and I stop and ask myself – If I have to use rubber gloves, not get it in my eyes or on my skin, and dispose of it as if it were a hazmat product (which, by the way, it is – you can’t dispose of it in regular garbage if it’s got any left in it), why the heck am I preparing to use it on my PET?


Know what “it” is?  A popular flea and tick product designed to be placed on the skin of your pet, between their shoulder blades.  Why there?  So they can’t get at it.  AND you should not let children or other pets interact with the treated pet for up to an hour or more or else they might come in contact with this chemical stuff.

Ok, so you’ve applied this stuff while wearing rubber gloves and you’ve kept that pet away from other pets, children and yourself for at least an hour.  Now you have to make sure the pet you’ve applied the stuff to doesn’t have an adverse reaction to it!!!


JEEZE, Louise!!!  Does it seem a bit crazy to you, too?  Putting a chemical on your pet to kill fleas, ticks and other creepy crawlies that is so strong, it’s listed as a hazardous material to dispose of! 


The argument is about 50 / 50 pro and con using these products but I wondered if there was another way… And I found one!


I started asking around a while back and found a few products on the market for flea control.  Anything with brewers yeast and garlic does well but I’ve just gone to using plain old garlic at each meal for the dogs.  Gotta say, their breath is WICKED for the first 10 minutes or so after eating the stuff, but I’ve been flea free for a long time!  I usually buy garlic POWDER – which is different than garlic salt (don’t get the salt!)… Or some folks take a fresh clove of garlic (1/4 to a whole one) and mince it into each feeding. 


Treating rugs with a borax type of powder (I get a box of Borax and use that) supposedly reduces flea populations, too… When you vacuum, make sure to remove the bag every time.

For ticks, I have not found anything that my pets can eat to prevent them.  It seems that brushing the pet and applying an herbal flea repellent before they go out is the best method.  Apparently products with eucalyptus powder are good….  Checking your pets when they come back in is important as well – as they will be easier to find before they attach.


There are many homeopathic alternatives to flea and tick control.  I was given a book called Natural Health For Dogs & Cats by a previous adopter and I’ve used it to check up on remedies for my beasts.  I’m not thrilled about putting lots of chemicals on my guys so any time I can avoid this, I do.

So toss the coin and see which methods you prefer!  There are so many alternatives available, it’s crazy not to check them out…. They’re your pets – take good care of them!


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