Meet Biff and Meg

7-month-old Biff and Meg are brother and sister. Biff is a neutered male who looks similar to a Maine coon cat, with medium hair and grey, brown and white fur. Meg is a white and grey tiger with a fluffy tail. These 2 sweet cats were found when they were kittens, abandoned in the middle of the road near Foxwoods. The woman who took them in was living in an abusive situation herself and had to give up the kittens when she moved out. As Meg and Biff have gotten to know the volunteers at the shelter and begun to trust people, they have learned to be cuddled and love to sit on people’s laps. Biff is more outgoing and curious, while Meg can be a bit shy at first. They could both get used to other cats and possibly a dog and could live with children over the age of 8. They can be adopted together or separately. Biff and Meg have been waiting for their forever homes for a long time. They are wonderful kitties who deserv e a fresh start in life. They would make someone very happy. AFOC 860-721-1351.



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