The Easter Bunny, Continued …

OK – last week, we chatted about whether or not giving a bunny to someone for Easter was a good idea or not. We chatted about the pros and cons of rabbit ownership. So, you’ve weighed the decision and decided that owning a bunny is really what you (and your kids) want to do. Wonderful!!!!

What about getting one from a rescue? Right now, there are over 150 rabbits of all ages, sizes and breeds in CT alone looking for a place to call home. Maybe one should be at yours!

Getting a rabbit from a rescue will do a few things. First, it will help break the cycle of breeding, adopting and abandoning unwanted rabbits. When I was an animal control officer, I was sent to a farm where someone had dumped 15 baby and young rabbits. Thankfully, we found homes for all of them, but I was amazed at how easily they were just cast off. It just proved to me how these little creatures are so easily tossed aside; I was very thankful to be able to catch them. I wasn’t sure how many were originally left and eaten by local predators, which is so often the case. Domestic rabbits, dumped in wooded areas, have little chance of survival. They have no idea how to forage for themselves and die from starvation, if they don’t die from predation.

Second, rescuing an animal helps teach kids that animals are not disposable. When we rescued Jake the Bunny after he had been abandoned in the woods, it was wonderful to see how “special” that rabbit became to my kids. Jake wasn’t injured, he wasn’t a baby, but he was abandoned and in need. My kids really felt like they saved his life (which was really the case -– left alone in the woods for any longer and he would have died). It made the bond between them and Jake a strong one. They learned a wonderful lesson that every life has value, every life is to be treasured. No animal deserves to be abandoned and unloved. It made them understand that rescuing is much, much more rewarding than simply going to a store and buying a pet. It made them feel GOOD.

So, think about it. Go to and look up rabbits in CT. Go see the variety of what’s out there -– you’ll be amazed! And, think about this: Contact your local 4-H club and get involved with other kids who have rabbits! It’s a great organization and your kids will love the fact that other kids their ages have the same interests that they do!


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