Meet Tucker & Minnie

Name: “Tucker”

Greyhound/Labrador Retriever Mix

18 months old

Altered Male

Tucker is an active young man looking for a forever home where he will get the opportunity for LOTS of exercise and playtime. He would be a great choice for people who love to take long walks while enjoying the beauty of nature. He prefers the company of adults and would be overjoyed to be the only pet in your home. Believe me, he’ll have more than enough love to go around. He is fully housebroken but is very interested in attending training classes with his new family. He is eager to learn.


Name: “Minnie”

Domestic Short Hair

8 years old

Spayed female

Minnie is definitely 8 years YOUNG. She is quite active, extremely cuddly and just about as friendly as can be. She is suited for older children and will consider living with a polite dog. But she would love to be the feline queen of your castle, so no other cats please. She requires a special diet in order to maintain her health; a relatively small bit of additional work when you stop to consider the lifetime of love that she is ready to share.

Both of these wonderful animals are currently available for adoption at the Connecticut Humane Society, located at 701 Russell Road in Newington.


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