Whoo HOOO for UNO!

Uno Puts Beagles Atop Dog Show World

Well, for the very first time, a beagle has won at Westminster! How cool is that?!!! A “working person’s dog” has taken the title. I was thrilled to see it!

And then, it began.

Someone on one of the TV morning shows made the comment, “Wouldn’t a baby beagle be a great gift for Valentine’s Day?”

I uttered a few choice words under my breath at this anchor’s stupidity, but I calmed and moved on.

Then, phone calls started … “Do you have any beagles for adoption?”

OK, that was IT. My thoughts quickly went to “101 Dalmatians” -– that Disney movie that inspired EVERY KID ON EARTH to BEG for a Dalmatian puppy because they were SOOOOOO cute! Well, the truth is, DALMATIANS DON’T LIKE KIDS! But we couldn’t tell anyone that because they were SOOOOOOOO CUTE!! Jeez.

So, here’s my attempt to STOP this in the BUD!

Ready? Here goes:


There -– I said it. I feel better. Now, ya wanna know why? GOOD!

OK, Uno is what is considered a “show” line. He has been bred for SHOW, which means that his puppies will go for $1,500 to $2,000 EACH. It means that he’s a very nice tempered SHOW dog -– not a WORKING dog. Show lines bark less, dig less and are generally easier keepers -– if you care to pay for them.

Working lines, on the other hand, are what you find out there in pounds across America! They’re being sold for about $200 each, and are in every paper, everywhere!

Now, before I continue, let me say that I have NOTHING against Working or Show lines — I happen to LOVE the breed and have owned them.

Beagles (working lines) are HUNTING DOGS. They hunt rabbits. They dig holes. (We’re not talking little holes here -– you could hide a CHILD in one of their projects!) They dig under fences, and you have to actually dig your fence partially underground to make sure they don’t dig underneath them. They squeeze through the smallest spaces and run like the wind, gleefully following their noses, disregarding screaming owners, honking horns and everything else, and, once they’ve gone off, trying to get them back is a long process. They bark. I’m not talking “yip, yip.” I’m talking “BawooOOOOO BawoOOOO!!!!” They love to “find” things around the house -– most times it’s someone’s dirty underwear -– and they love to hide it, too. They eat cat poop -– and then come running for affection. They get into EVERYTHING –- garbage, etc., and parade it around like it’s a trophy. They can be tough to housebreak and tough to obedience train.

But they can also be the clown of the house. My husband called ours the Circus Dog as she happily ran across the back of the sofa, over the dining room table, across the cat and under the other dogs. They are extremely affectionate and a joy to have -– IF YOU ARE PREPARED!

So, nope, they’re not all like Uno. They can be wonderful, or a nightmare. My point here is this: Make sure you KNOW the breed. RESEARCH IT. TALK TO OWNERS. Make sure you know the breed inside and out before you go ahead and get one!

Let’s not have another Dalmatian nightmare where pounds were loaded down with dogs who were purchased based only on what folks saw in the media.




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