Tax Deductible Donations

Question: I want to make a tax deductible donation to an animal shelter – How do I know which one to pick?

Answer: First, make sure the shelter is a registered, nonprofit organization. Make sure they ARE vs. they are “in the process” as the IRS does not recognize “almost.” Registered, nonprofit means that they have a “501(c)(3)” status with the IRS.

Second, make sure you can speak with someone at the shelter about the shelter. I hate it when the only way to talk with someone is via an e-mail address — That’s not personal!!!

Third, make sure you know what the shelter is all about. Ask about their future plans and what they’ve accomplished already. Make sure that what they do meshes with what your idea of a shelter is. Ask what their adoption fees are, how many animals they place annually, etc., to get a good feel for what they do. Can they send you literature on their organization?

Many shelters, like Bandit’s Place, rely on donations to cover veterinary costs, supplies, transportation, etc., and many times the adoption fee does not cover what we put into an animal to get it ready for adoption.

The bottom line is this: Know where you’re sending your money to. Animal Shelters are very grateful for the support and donations received to help them exist and operate clean, healthy facilities.

Through tax deductible donations to registered, nonprofit animal shelters, everyone comes out a winner -– especially the animals!


  1. Make sure the organization is a registered, nonprofit organization. The IRS doesn’t recognize “almost.”
  2. Make sure you can actually speak TO someone at the shelter, and NOT via e-mail (very impersonal).
  3. Make sure you know what the shelter is all about. Does it mesh with what you believe? Do they have a brochure they can send you?

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