De-Claw Cats?


Is it still possible to adopt kittens from shelters that you plan to de-claw? I had heard that you would not be able to adopt if that was your plan.


It depends on the shelter. De-clawing has been a hot topic among the rescue folks for as long as there have been rescues! There are two theories out there about de-clawing cats.

  1. It’s fine
  2. It’s incredibly cruel.

Let’s go through both: The first is that “it’s fine.” Basically, it involves taking the claw (usually the front) off the cat’s toes from about the last knuckle down (to put it in people terms). It’s pretty much an amputation of that last digit which involves the actual nail and bed. Since this is a very vascular area, there is a chance of bleeding so the cat is usually kept over-night and its feet are bandaged.
Benefits of this are that the owner no longer has to scream at the cat every time it goes to shred furniture (cloth or wood). We’ve had cats literally reduce molding around the doorways to splinters.

Draw-back: (depending on how you view this) is that the cat can NEVER be allowed outside as it has lost half (yep, only half) of its defense system. Folks say ALL defenses are lost but a cat does quite well holding with its front feet and shredding the skin off you with its back feet.

Theory No. 2 is that “it’s incredibly cruel.” Some say that de-clawing, docking tails and cropping ears is incredibly cruel as it serves no functional purpose. Period. The idea is that any surgical procedure done on a cat other than spaying/neutering is cruel and should not be done. The thought is that it causes unneeded pain and stress on the cat.

It is also believed that to de-claw a cat takes away its natural defenses (see my comments on that above).

So, to answer your question, it depends on the pound and their beliefs. Under all circumstances, I do feel that you should be completely honest with the shelter you’re dealing with. (We have ways of finding out if you lie!) If they object to de-clawing, ask if they have any cats that have already been de-clawed. Ask right up front what their beliefs are about de-clawing. If they’re against it and you have no issues with it, move on to another shelter that shares your viewpoint.


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