Jan. 6: Manford, Adam


MANFORD is a domestic, short-haired, neutered male who is grey and white. He is about 1 year old. He was found dirty, hungry and cold on the back porch of a volunteer’s house. He went unclaimed and walked right into the house when the door was opened. He is friendly, playful and curious. He is content to be inside and enjoys playing with other cats. He can play a little rough, but will stop when told to do so. He would do well with other non-aggressive cats or older kittens. He has not been exposed to kids or dogs yet. He has had all his shots and the vet says he is healthy. – Animal Friends of Connecticut (860-827-0381)


ADAM is a 4-month-old orange and white, domestic short-haired, neutered male kitten. He has three legs and is missing his left rear leg. The surgeon who examined him after he was found in the street by Hartford police believe that someone tied off the leg when he was 2 to 3 days old, causing the leg to atrophy and fall off. He has been with us for about two months and is very ready to be adopted. According to the shelter manager, Adam is shy for about 30 seconds, then is loving and wants to be petted. He is active and loves to run and can do anything that other kittens can do. After some initial shyness, he gets along well with other cats and kittens. He has never been exposed to children or dogs. He is well-behaved and litter-box trained. He has all his shots and appears to be healthy. – Animal Friends of Connecticut (860-827-0381)

Meet Manford and Adam


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